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Maxon Cinema 4d Studio

Maxon Cinema 4d Studio is everything you need for professional 3D! CINEMA 4D Studio is the best that MAXON has to offer professional 3D artists. If you work professionally with 3D graphics, but need a little help to quickly and easily achieve a stunning result, then this is your choice. Special tools in Maxon Studio simplify the creation of rigs and advanced character animation. Hair or fur for characters can be added quickly and easily using a powerful set of tools that allow you to grow, comb, style and animate hair. The physics engine, which was redesigned in version R12, allows you to easily implement complex collisions and interactions between objects, regardless of whether there are a dozen of them or thousands. Network rendering allows you to use all the computers on the network to calculate the animation faster. Advantages of CINEMA 4D Studio Ease of use Intuitive interface Stability of work Powerful information support Flexible workflow and options for making changes at the final stages Despite the fact that the package is intended for 3D professionals, additional Studio tools remain very convenient and intuitive.

maxon cinema 4d studio

Maxon Studio is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation tool. The program can be used in the development of games, creating presentation videos, in modeling machine prototypes and other objects.

Features and features of the program:

– Tools for 3D modeling, texturing and animation;
– Creation of realistic renderings taking into account gravity, friction, collision;
– Tissue simulations and polygonal modeling;
– Elaboration of lighting;
– Tools for working with hair and skin;
– Animation effects;
– Preview;
– Support for scripts using C++ or Python;
– Support for additional plugins for limitless possibilities;
and much more.

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