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Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password Premium is a tool for keeping confidential information secure. In its secure storage, you can put accounts for logging into sites and applications, personal, contact and financial information for quickly filling out forms, as well as notes with any other data. The extension installed in the browser imports the passwords saved in it and remembers the new ones the first time you enter them. Management is carried out through applications for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

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Sticky Password is a handy password manager that saves passwords in encrypted form with the possibility of additional data protection with a master password. When using a browser or applications, Sticky Password Premium automatically enters the saved username and password into the appropriate windows, so you no longer have to keep dozens of passwords from different sites and programs in your head.

Features and features of the program:

– Automatic filling of forms of web pages and applications;
– Password database in encrypted form;
– Protection against keyloggers and spyware;
– Master password;
– Access to passwords via USB or Bluetooth;
– Using the program on various devices (including Android, iPhone and iPad);
– Data synchronization in the cloud;
– Personal notes module;
– Password database backup;
– Stop list of applications for utility integration;
and other!

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