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Stata software

Stata software analysis is an important warehouse for any activity involving large amounts of information, design and modeling. Statistical programs are indispensable for researchers, experimenters, scientific researchers, students of general knowledge, and depositors. To increase the availability of software for statistics among managers of marketing technologies, analysts, accountants, financiers, and government officials. And this is not a new change in professions, but statistical analysis tools are a must-have for everyday work. There are no such programs, but in today's review we recognize you as the main, most popular programs for statistics. We have selected the most beautiful tools that allow organizations to analyze, systematize, and clarify data.

Stata software

The convenience of statistical software is that with its help you can analyze detailed reports, based on certain statistical samples, create summary tables. Let’s look at the TOP 10 programs, tools for statistics that will be popular in 2022.

Stata software – Minitab

The first place in our rating goes to the Minitab data analysis solution. In programs from this package, you can visualize, analyze, compare data for the implementation of business tasks. Minitab attracts users with ease of use and accuracy of performed operations. The construction of analytical reports turns out to be informative and structured. Numerous user reviews indicate that this is the best software for statistical analysis. All processes take place quickly, at any time you can contact the support service and clarify the question of interest.
A convenient interface allows you to master the program in a short time. Thus, you will be able to easily compile reports, conduct analysis, format tables and graphs, which are convenient for supplementing a report or a scientific article. The Minitab package contains a huge selection of statistical tools. The program will be useful for specialists in various fields of activity. For example, accountants, financiers and analysts use large data sets for analysis, macros for process automation, graphical elements for reports. Teachers and students of higher educational institutions, scientists are delighted with this program. Technological engineers mark Minitab as the best statistical software.

Stata software –  StatSoft (STATISTICA)

The manufacturer StatSoft is known for the development of powerful programs for statistical and graphical analysis STATISTICA. A set of tools will allow forecasting, data mining. You can also create your own applications, install integrations, organize Internet access, etc.

First of all, STATISTICA is distinguished by its user-friendly interface and original configuration options. The interface can be customized according to your tasks and needs. The analysis process takes place in an interactive mode with the gradual opening of dialog boxes. The first tab always contains the functions that are most often used, and the other tabs include already specialized methods and functions. Therefore, it will be convenient for both beginners and advanced users.

The graphics block has a set of visualization and graphic design tools. At your disposal are more than 10,000 types of graphs for editing, interactive rotation, zooming, and transparency management. High speed and accuracy of calculation operations is the advantage of STATISTICA. All calculations are fast, despite the fact that the programs are massive and database queries are regularly made. The program uses proprietary performance improvement technologies. All StatSoft products are designed with maximum optimization in mind when working with complex predictive models.

In STATISTICA programs, it is possible to carry out exploratory data analysis, determine correlations, build scatter diagrams, calculate T-criteria, create frequency tables, headings. Determine probable distributions in the interactive calculator. The programs are intended for both home users and corporate use. STATISTICA is convenient to use for educational purposes in applied research.

Stata software – COMSOL

COMSOL software products are a set of tools for creating numerical models in various fields of design. The COMSOL Multiphysics universal platform is used in production, scientific research, and engineering. This is a software environment that allows you to analyze physical processes, manage models, and applications. Working in the program, you will go through all stages from creating geometric models, assigning properties to materials to visual display of the final modeling project. All created models are stored in the database. If you work with applied tasks, use extension modules. They offer a huge selection of specialized tools, among them, for example, modules in the sections of electrodynamics, hydrodynamics and heat transfer, chemistry, mechanics and other fields.

COMSOL Multiphysics includes core functionality such as model creation, program development, and model management. Thus, you can create geometric models, group them into samples. The program has ready-made physical interfaces that will allow you to create physical phenomena and materials. The application contains interfaces for forming descriptions of models taking into account mathematical equations. A special interpreter will help to perform numerical simulation in the best way, using accurate input data. A component of COMSOL is also an application development environment based on computational models. Here you can create complex programs, for this use geometric objects based on CAD models.

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